3 Ways To Revitalise Your Website In Just 10 minutes

3 ways to revitalise your website

While it can seem daunting to stay on top of your website, we’ve come up with a list of 3 simple ways that you can do to help keep your website fresh, relevant and engaging for your visitors.

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Update Page Copy

Analyse your website’s analytic’s and choose a high-traffic page. Now look at the body copy and look for ways to make it more current and relevant. Whether you need to add more information, remove copy or reword; scan through the page and ask yourself what additional information a visitor may be looking for when they arrive at this page.

Without making the page too text-heavy, see if you can help provide more of what they’re seeking while ensuring it’s still easy for a visitor to quickly skim through.

Update Images

It’s a known fact that the majority of your site’s visitors aren’t likely to actually read through every word on your website. Instead, they will skim through it, trying to get the information they’re seeking as quickly as possible. Be sure the images on your site represent not only your brand, but also the information your visitors can expect from your website.

Try testing different types of images. See what happens when you include people in your images or when you try including different items, various settings and environments or new snapshots of your product. A quick image swap can a world of difference!

Take a look through some of the more popular pages of your website. Do they include images? If not, is there an opportunity to add one or two and make the page more visually appealing?

Could your images do with an update? Remember that large image files can slow the loading speed of your page.

Change CTAs

Skim through your website looking specifically at your Call-To-Actions (CTAs). Ask yourself: How are they looking? Are they visually appealing? Are they placed in the right spots to grab attention? Are they promoting current and relevant offers?

After running through the questions above, can you find room for improvement? Analyse your competitors and make a note of opportunities to present better, more relevant offers.

What could you do with just 10 minutes today? A lot. Try one of these tips this week. To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often.

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