Custom Software Development – What to Look Out For!

Custom Software Development – What to Look Out For!

There are a lot of opinions on custom or packaged software; however they both have their place in any size business.

Packaged software can be compliant based, which is great but may leave the operational side of your business a little short.  This is one of the main reasons why companies head down the exciting path of engaging a Development Company to develop their operational software.

I have heard so many times from different companies the horror stories of their custom developed software that they spent a lot of money on and are now deemed to be useless to their organisation.  Here are a few tips to ensure you engage the right company to develop your software and give you a true advantage over your competitors.

  • Avoid the home developer who’s portfolio isn’t well developed (Developer may lack experience in the area you require)
  • Avoid the ones who will promise the world (Developers are awesome but they can’t walk on water)
  • Avoid overseas companies that offer cheap rates (While the low price is enticing in the long run it may cost you a whole lot more if something fails and requires a rewrite, sadly this is a   common occurrence).
  • Find someone who asks a lot of questions. If you are having a briefing with a developer and they aren’t clarifying or asking questions; something’s wrong.
  • Avoid platforms that are not well supported. Using an unknown framework or language can be very limited to upgrade in the future, and can cost a lot of money for rewrite. You wouldn’t accept a program written with punch cards just because that’s all the programmer knows.
  • Avoid uncommon platforms. It becomes hard to engage another programmer with knowledge of that project for improvements or bug fixes into the future.
  • Find a developer who understands your requirements or business processes. Very often the downfall of a software project is not the quality of code or how it’s written but how the developer has understood your goals and requirements. It’s the role of a developer to analysis and develops a technical solution.

The last dot point is the one I hold very dear to my heart, without understanding the business requirements and processes, would be like driving down a road but with a blindfold on, can be done but will ultimately end up in a wreck.

OnePoint Software Solutions prides itself on having very talented developers and taking the time to analyse and understand your business requirements and processes.  OnePoint Software Solutions will work closely with you to ensure OnePoint Software Solutions exceeds your expectations.

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