Dare To Improve

Dare To Improve

We have all heard the saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and surprisingly some businesses still have that exact attitude.  “I have been doing it for years and it works, why should I change it now”, I have lost count of how many times I have heard that? What I say is “if you don’t challenge the status quo, how do you know that there isn’t a better way of doing it”.

When going through companies processes, I often ask “why do you do it that way” and a lot of times the response is “that is how we have always done it”, what if by just challenging the process you could save time & money, would that not be worth it?

Lets’ go through the steps of a processes that I am sure most companies do on a regular basis, printing a report (for this purpose we have already retrieved the required information) and filing;

  1. Print Report
  2. Walk to Printer
  3. Retrieve report (let’s hope you haven’t had to fix the paper jam or put in a new toner)
  4. Hole punch report
  5. Walk to filling cabinet
  6. Open drawer
  7. Take out folder
  8. Fasten report into folder
  9. Put Folder back into filing cabinet
  10. Close drawer
  11. Walk back to your desk

Wow! 11 steps just to print and file a report, by doing that simple exercise of listing out the steps we can now look at a way of doing this process better, so we have realised that we really don’t need a hard copy we just need to access the report (again for this purpose we have already retrieved the required information);

  1. Create folder on the server/computer
  2. Press Save button
  3. Name file
  4. Close Folder

That’s better, this is now down to a four step process and feels more productive. By challenging the status quo we were able to reduce the process and save costs on paper and toner for the printer and not to mention the time we saved from walking, and hole punching the report.  Now let’s do that same task by using an intuitive system created by OnePoint Software Solutions (and once again for this purpose we have already retrieved the required information);

  • There is no steps

No steps how is that possible you ask? Simple! All information is stored in the system and can be retrieved simply and quickly at any time to review.

If you want to challenge the status quo and dare to improve your business you need to contact OnePoint Software Solutions today.

OnePoint Software Solutions pride themselves on analysing and mapping your businesses processes and implementing intuitive software solutions to help reduce operational cost by reducing the time and steps it takes to complete a process.

Call today and speak to one of our qualified consultants.

Phone: 07 3444 0045       Web: onepointsolutions.com.au       Email: hi@onepointsolutions.com.au

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