Get rid of the waste!

Get rid of the waste!

We have all heard of Lean Manufacturing which was derived from the Japanese car manufacturing industry to eliminate waste within their production lines, but did you know all industries can reduce their waste.

Getting rid of waste can be simple little things like reducing printing so that you save money on toner cartridges, paper & the time it takes for someone to walk to the printer and back. Taking a lean approach can be reducing the amount you print, saving time and money or you can embark on a company transformation of reducing waste.

Womack and Dan Jones, founders of the Lean Enterprise Institute and the Lean Enterprise Academy recommends that organisations think about three fundamental business issues before embarking on their transformation; Purpose, Process & People.

We at OnePoint Software Solutions take on board those principals, but always ask ourselves “what problem am I solving”. If you are doing it for the sake of doing it because waste reduction is the new thing, you are less likely to succeed in true value waste reduction. However, if you are looking at those 3 fundamental areas and asking yourself “what problem am I solving” you are heading down the right path.

OnePoint Software Solutions’ array of tools assists with reducing time, resources and streamlining processes and whilst promoting useability, flexibility, accountability and traceability. At OnePoint we call this the UFAT way.

OnePoint has developed systems to manage projects, human resources, logistics, assets, customer interactions and visitor management. Contact OnePoint Software Solutions today to discuss how OnePoint can assist you with reducing the waste within your company.

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