10 Great Steps To Help Your Business Get Found In Google

10 Great Steps To Help Your Business Get Found In Google

Optimising your online presence and securing a first page spot in Google is easier than you would think. But the key to search engine is how your optimise your website and what content you are publishing.

Before we run through our 10 tips for search engine success, it’s important to remember that people who visit your website are looking for relevant, well presented information.

If you wanting to improve your overall search engine rank and be found in Google, follow our steps below!

1. Become mobile friendly or become irrelevant

With more users than ever searching Google on smart phones, having a non mobile-friendly website could be costing you business. Not only because mobile users prefer mobile-optimised websites; but so does Google. In fact, Google’s search results now favour responsive and mobile-specific websites when searched on a mobile device.

2. Develop your SEO keywords list

One of the most important steps to get found on Google is to choose your best keywords and then consistently use them throughout your website. There are many great keyword tools available and the most noticeable is the free keyword tool in Google Adwords.

3. Optimise website title tags

Your page titles should summarise what your pages are about. Each page title should be kept within 60-70 characters in length and contain a target keyword. Remember not to jam too many keywords into your title tags. This can be considered ‘spam’ like and can actually hurt your ranking.

4. Optimise website meta

Remember to create a meta description for each page of your website. Search engines scan each page for this snippet of text and display this in the results. Adding your meta description allows your to include your target keywords, just make sure the description is 160 characters or under.

5. Harness the power of local search

If your business generates most of its revenue from your area, you need to look into local SEO. We suggest setting up a verified Google Places page – its free and easy to setup.

6. Have a legit business address

It might sound pretty stupid, but listing your address tells not only your customers, but Google where to find you. It’s a wise move to include your city/town and state on your homepage and contact page.

7. Include in-bound links

The more links you have connecting to your website (and within your site) the more trustworthy Google considers you to be. We never suggest buying links take part in link exchanges, but ask suppliers and partnership’s to link to your site.

8. Content is king

Search engines aim to deliver the best search results. If your site contains the topics your user is searching for, Google’s algorithm will reward your rich content with a higher ranking. Remember to incorporate your keywords throughout your content.

9. No duplicate content!

One of the biggest mistakes you can do (seo-wise) is to double-up with the same content. When Google finds duplicate content, they penalize your website. They can drop the ranking score or in severe cases, even knock you out of search results; so you won’t be found on Google.

10. Go social

Focusing on the places customers visit is the best use of your time. While maintaining a website a various social networks can be challenging, the more places you are represented helps with SEO overall.

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