How We Work

Full Service Web Agency

We’re not the kind of agency that just build what’s spec’d. We strive to build exciting and innovative work that streamline your business processes.

To work with you, we’ve developed our process to understand the way you work. Only then can we make decisions that serve to your bottom line, every day, every minute. We have a user-centred philosophy which is fuelled by strategic analysis and backed by the latest technology to deliver the best in digital products and experiences.


Everything we create should be designed with the end user in mind. Often we become so focused on ticking the technical boxes or aiming to solve the business problems that we overlook the people who have to use it. You can have the best software solution in the world, but if no one wants to use it, its worthless.


Users have come to expect more and more of software over the past 30 years; it should flex or respond to the users specific situation. Flexability means that we account for more than just one scenario. We understand no two businesses operate the same and this means that out software should account for this.


No one likes to be told what to do; so instead of nagging users we try to make them accountable to themselves, their team and their managers. This assists users to understand the impact they have on their organisation.


With business critical applications it’s important to keep accurate records. We take care of basic tasks like audit trails, edit records and system usage. We don’t want to hinder our users and their ability to carry out a task but we keep records should they ever need to be audited.

The Project Lifecycle

Analysis & Strategy

We’ll get together to talk about your project. In our consultation, we’ll sit down and run through your entire current processes. It’s at this stage where our project managers will carefully map out the process journey, establish time frames, required features and project goals. Once we’ve worked out the best game plan, we’ll move onto the design phase.


Whether its software or websites, our designers work with the compiled analysis to wire-frame and design a captivating design that reflects your project goals. We like to give you a functional design to guide you through the look and feel of the project rather than providing a flat image design.

Development & Testing

The next step is to develop and completely test your project using industry standard development tools. Using an automated build processes, we can ensure the quality of your project by running tests, detect coding issues, and enforce certain development rules prior to deployment. Our developers use the latest industry standards to safeguard the functionality of your project for years to come.


When you are completely happy with the finished product, our server administrators can deploy to the live environment. Whether you’re hosting the files on your own server, having OnePoint host your project on our AWS cloud servers, or are launching to the Apple Store of Play Store, we ensure your launch is seamless and hassle free.


OnePoint can offer training to your staff, answer queries and help to integrate the new system into your business. OnePoint can offer on-going support for software on a case-to-case basis as we know each project is different. OnePoint also offer maintenance plans for websites with annual plans and ad-hoc support available.