10 Tips to Encourage Customers to Write Product Reviews

10 Tips to Encourage Customers to Write Product Reviews Guide by OnePoint Solutions Brisbane Web Design Agency

In the world of eCommerce, product reviews hold a special place in the hearts of online shoppers. Whether your business provides in-store pickup or speedy delivery, maintaining a connection with your customers’ experiences is essential to ensure product quality and smooth logistics. Product reviews are a valuable source of information, instilling confidence in customers and influencing their purchasing decisions. But, how do you get your satisfied customers to take that extra step and share their experiences? Here are some effective strategies to encourage customers to write product reviews and boost your online credibility.

What Are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are written or video testimonials shared by customers who’ve used your products or services. They provide insights into their experiences, helping potential buyers make informed choices. These reviews come in various forms, from written comments on your eCommerce site to posts on social media platforms, making them an essential part of your online presence.

The Benefits of Product Reviews

Before diving into the tips, let’s highlight the incredible benefits of product reviews. They offer social proof, increase your brand trustworthiness, and can even enhance your search engine rankings. Positive reviews can drive conversions, whereas negative feedback can pinpoint areas for improvement.

Common eCommerce Platforms

The good news is that many popular eCommerce platforms offer built-in support for product reviews. Here are some of them:

  1. WooCommerce: This WordPress plugin powers millions of online stores. It offers a review feature that can be enabled with just a few clicks.
  2. Shopify: Shopify allows for easy integration of review apps, helping businesses gather and showcase product feedback.
  3. Magento: Magento offers various extensions to implement review systems and increase customer engagement.
  4. BigCommerce: The Bigcommerce provides built-in support for product reviews, enhancing your online store’s credibility.
  5. Prestashop: Another popular eCommerce platform, Prestashop supports product reviews through store extensions.

10 Tips to Increase Customer Product Reviews

1. Target Satisfied Customers

Identify your most satisfied customers and approach them for reviews. Contented customers are more likely to share their positive experiences.

2. Create a Personal Template

Craft a template that customers can use as a guideline for writing reviews. Keep it personal, focusing on the aspects you’d like them to share.

3. Create a Review Request Process

Develop a systematic process for requesting reviews. Consider automating your requests to ensure consistency.

4. Start by Simply Asking

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. A polite, straightforward request can be surprisingly effective.

5. Automate the Requests

Set up an automated email system that sends review requests at strategic points in the customer journey.

6. Offer Incentives

Consider providing customers with an incentive to write a review, like a discount on their next purchase.

7. Email at the Right Time

Timing is crucial. Send review request emails when customers are likely to have formed an opinion about your product. While most retail merchants trigger review requests after a week, this should vary depending on the product type.

8. Engage With Existing Reviews

Engage with your existing reviews. Respond to them, thank customers for their feedback, and show that their opinions matter.

9. Display Reviews Proudly

Display your product reviews on your website, preferably near the products they describe. Highlighting this feedback builds trust with potential customers.

10. Showcase Product Ratings

Make use of your positive reviews and ratings in your email marketing, on social media and in search engine result pages through schema markup. Seeing positive feedback will draw potential customers in.

Product reviews are the lifeblood of eCommerce. They build trust, provide insights, and influence buying decisions. By targeting satisfied customers, creating a review request process, and offering incentives, you can encourage customers to share their experiences. Automating your review requests and displaying existing reviews prominently will further boost your online credibility. So, remember these strategies, engage with your customers, and watch your product reviews flourish.


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