5 Free Booking Systems For Australian Health Practices

5 Free Booking Systems For Australian Health Practices - OnePoint Solutions

Manage Client Bookings With Free Scheduling Systems

Efficiently managing appointments is vital for businesses that rely on bookings. Whether it’s scheduling new client appointments, managing multiple bookings for existing clients, handling cancellations, or accommodating emergency appointments, effective organisation is key.

However, for many businesses, the cost of acquiring efficient scheduling solutions can be daunting, with many platforms priced well above $100 per month.

At OnePoint Solutions, we understand the importance of optimising appointment management. We’ve shortlisted some of the best cloud-based booking systems, offering practical and cost-effective solutions for sole traders, startups, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia.

Cloud Booking Systems to Streamline Appointments

Cloud-based booking systems, also known as online booking systems or scheduling software, have transformed the way businesses manage appointments. These systems use cloud technology to centralize appointment scheduling, client information, and booking calendars. By doing so, they eliminate the need for traditional, manual booking methods.

Why Cloud-Based Booking Systems Matter

Using a cloud-based booking system offers numerous benefits to health practices and other businesses that rely on appointments. Here’s why these systems matter:

  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Cloud-based systems allow access to appointment data from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go, you can effortlessly manage your calendar.
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead: By automating appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups, cloud-based systems help reduce administrative tasks. This frees up staff to focus on providing quality care.
  • Improved Client Experience: Clients can conveniently book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online. This enhances their experience and fosters patient satisfaction.
  • Integration Capabilities: Many cloud-based booking systems integrate with other business tools, like email platforms, payment gateways, and marketing apps. This streamlines your operations.
  • Data Security: Cloud-based systems often have robust security measures in place, keeping sensitive patient information safe.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The majority of cloud-based booking systems offer free plans or reasonable pricing for small businesses. This makes them an affordable solution for solo practitioners, startups, and SMEs.

5 Free Booking Systems to Consider

Google Calendar Free Software - OnePoint Solutions

Google Calendar

Although Google Calendar may not be the first tool that comes to mind for appointment scheduling, it’s a hidden gem that’s waiting to transform the way sole traders and SMEs manage their bookings.

While larger corporations might opt for more complex solutions, Google Calendar’s straightforward approach is a perfect match for small businesses. It offers an array of features that make appointment management a breeze, even for those new to the world of scheduling.

With Google Calendar, you can configure email notifications for each booking, ensuring that you and your clients never miss an appointment. Sharing calendar access with your team is incredibly simple, streamlining coordination and communication.

User-friendly configuration options allow you to personalize your calendar to fit your specific needs. Google Calendar offers a versatile solution that can adapt to the unique requirements of your business. It might not be the most obvious choice, but it could be the smartest one for those looking to simplify their appointment scheduling without the complexity and costs of larger systems.

Halaxy Booking System Free Software - OnePoint Solutions


Halaxy is a healthcare professional’s dream come true. This all-in-one platform not only takes care of your appointment management but also goes the extra mile to handle patient records and financial reporting, all for free. With Halaxy, you’re not just booking appointments; you’re creating a seamless, organized, and efficient healthcare experience for your clients.

But the perks don’t stop there. Halaxy also offers premium add-ons for those looking to elevate their practice further. SMS notifications ensure that you and your patients never miss a beat. Say goodbye to the hassle of payment processing; Halaxy has got you covered. These premium features are designed to make your professional life smoother and stress-free. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your established practice, Halaxy has a solution tailored to your needs.

Setmore Free Software - OnePoint Solutions


Setmore is a renowned player in the world of scheduling systems, standing out as one of the most popular choices globally. It’s an excellent option for businesses looking to harness the power of appointment scheduling, and it’s perfect for those who need to balance simplicity with comprehensive features.

What sets Setmore apart is its versatility. It offers a free booking system that provides a wealth of features, making it a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes, including sole traders and SMEs. With Setmore, you can streamline your booking process, turning it into a more efficient and straightforward endeavor.

One of Setmore’s primary strengths is its online calendar management. This feature allows you to keep a well-organized schedule, ensuring that you never miss an appointment or overbook your services. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies the way you manage your bookings. Additionally, Setmore is designed to cater to your customer management needs. You can create detailed profiles for your customers and store all their information securely. This feature helps you provide a more personalised service, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Another advantage of Setmore is its ability to handle single and multiple bookings. Whether you offer appointments to individuals or groups, Setmore ensures that the scheduling process is effortless. You can easily create appointments for both scenarios, enhancing your booking system’s flexibility.

Acuity Scheduling Free Software - OnePoint Solutions

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is another great choice when you need a scheduling app that offers a high degree of customisation. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that want to fine-tune their booking processes to match their unique needs and workflows.

One of Acuity Scheduling’s standout features is its remarkable capacity for customization. It enables you to adjust the booking process to a fine degree, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business requirements. Whether you need to set specific scheduling rules, define appointment types, or create custom intake forms, Acuity Scheduling provides you with the tools to make it happen.

Acuity Scheduling also stands out due to its fantastic integration capabilities. It seamlessly connects with a range of third-party systems, making it an incredibly versatile booking solution. For instance, you can integrate it with widely-used services such as PayPal, Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, and Stripe. These integrations enhance the functionality of your booking system and streamline your operations. While the platform is known for its premium offerings, including advanced features and dedicated support, they do understand the needs of sole traders and smaller businesses. For this reason, Acuity Scheduling offers a free option for Solo account holders. This free version provides you with the essential tools needed to improve your appointment management without the additional cost.

Fresha Free Software - OnePoint Solutions


With Fresha, health practices can effortlessly streamline their scheduling processes, providing a seamless experience for clients and practitioners alike. Fresha’s key features include user-friendly calendar management, appointment customisation, real-time availability, and easy integration with popular third-party systems. Its intuitive design makes it the perfect choice for health practices, offering a stress-free way to keep appointments organised.

If you’re looking to integrate one of these systems into your health practice or need expert advice on optimising your appointment management, contact OnePoint Solutions today at (07) 3444 0045 or reach out to us online.


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