5 Tips for Red Carpet Customer Service

5 Tips for Red Carpet Customer Service

Every client wants to feel like they’re a Superstar and receive Red Carpet Treatment first time, every time and let’s be honest we all do.  Sometimes this can be hard, how many times have you been with a client and the phone rings, you want to give your client the Superstar treatment but in the back of your mind you are thinking, “should I answer it should I let it ring, what if it is a new client”. While you are playing tug of war with your thoughts, you have completely lost focus on your client, and trust me they know it and the phone stops ringing and they don’t leave a message. SO FRUSTRATING.

If you knew Kim Kardashian or Ryan Gosling was calling you to book in to get a cut and color or needed their pipes fixing there is no way you would not answer the call, even if you didn’t like them you would still want to speak to a Superstar. However, your are either with a client, not working or hands have who knows what all over them and you just can’t answer the phone, you may have just lost the opportunity to speak to a Superstar.

Here are 5 simple tips to ensure your clients feel like Superstars

  1. Always greet them with a smile and a warm hello (if you have met them before use their name when saying hello)
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Answers your phone within 3 rings (even if you are busy)
  4.  Remember information and refer back to it (last time you spoke they were going away, ask them how their trip was)
  5. Never rush them (the last thing you want is for your client to think you have something better to do)

By using these 5 easy tips you can ensure your clients will always receive the Red Carpet Treatment first time every time.

OnePoint Connect can help you manage your phone calls, answer questions and take bookings while you continue to provide Red Carpet Treatment to your clients, because OnePoint Connect are the experts in Superstar treatment. Visit OnePoint Connect

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