7 steps to enhance your next email marketing campaign

7 steps to enhance your next email marketing campaign

While businesses have been using the method of email marketing for years, many have found it will only work successfully if your email is opened and examined by the end user; instead of ending in the trash can.

We have listed 7 handy steps to help enhance your email marketing.

1. Segment Your Subscribers

Each business has diverse customer personalities, so you need to send them messages according to their needs. If the email is something the customer can relate to, they are more likely to open your message.

2. Impressive Subject Line

Most customers open their email based on the subject line. Experiment with different ways of writing a subject line and analyse which one works best for your target audience. Not only should you keep it short and simple (50 characters or less) but avoid spam words like ‘Free’ and ‘Help.’

3. Call-To-Action

Include a call-to-action early in the email. While most businesses make the mistake of finishing with a call-to-action at the bottom of the email, experience shows that including a CTA where they can see it the minute they open the email results in higher conversions. Make it subtle but convincing.

4. Personalise

More and more businesses are choosing to include the customer’s name on the subject line and opening greeting. Adding a personal touch to your emails can: Increase conversions, build a passionate audience, welcome newcomers and remind the customer that they are remembered. Don’t make your customers feel like they are getting an automated email.

5. Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Create an email that can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet as well as a mobile phone. A good number of people are checking their emails on their mobile and smartphones, so if you’re not implementing mobile-friendly email marketing, you aren’t doing your business any favours.

6. Subscriber Option

It is important to provide an option for your customers to no only opt-in or out from your email list, but choose how often they can receive email messages from you. This reinforces the personalised feature previously mentioned.

7. Test and Analyse

You need to know how your customers behave and respond to your email campaigns. With tools like Mail Chimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact and Emma offering real time reporting, you can analyse how your clients process your emails. Whether it be time of opening the email or what links are clicked and what aren’t, over time you will be able to constantly improve your content and emails to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

If you are after advice on email marketing, website design & development or custom software development for your business, give us a call today on 07 3444 0045 and let us help you.

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