8 Reasons Why Companies Need To Do Business Online

8 Reasons Why Companies Need To Do Business Online

To be online or not to be online?

We recently read a comment of a well-known industry leader, stating that companies which are not selling online by 2017 will become extinct. While it sounds dramatically exaggerated, there are some truths in it.

81% of small businesses that have an online store during last year’s holiday season reached new customers, leading to an increase in sales and profitability according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. If that isn’t impressive enough, 30% of small businesses with a web presence and fewer than 20 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online claims Gartner research.

With more users than ever turning to the internet to shop, we list our top 8 reasons why your business should be trading online.

1. New Economy

2. Internet is a perfect venue for business

3. Company’s image

4. Provide better customer support

5. Cut costs

6. Ability to do business 24 hours

7. Your physical presence could be in any location

8. Take your business global

Getting your business online is becoming cheaper and easier thanks to emergence of new technologies. From microbusinesses through to large scale corporations, more people are starting to think logically and cashing in on the online market.

Interested in an online ordering system? How about selling you products online? Contact a OnePoint team member and take your business online today!

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