8 Tips To Increase Leads For Your Business


The common need all business owners have is to generate as many leads as possible.

Leads correspond to your sales and while it seems obvious, you should be ready to do anything and everything you can to boost your sales.

To help you generate more leads for your business, our team as listed 8 of our favourite tips to see your business succeed.

01. Blog

Adding a blog to your website is an effective way to inform and educate your prospective clients. A blog can not only showcase your knowledge in your respected industry, but will help attract passionate customers.

Providing relevant and valuable content will show your expertise and value; just remember to keep your blog up-to-date with relevant information.

02. LinkedIn

Known as one of the most powerful online networking platforms, LinkedIn can generate more leads than you expect. In fact, roughly 45% of LinkedIn users are directly related to business operations, so if you want a high chance of getting leads using LinkedIn – sign up today.

You can optimize your LinkedIn usage by

  • Adding your services
  • Adding websites to your profile
  • Connect with everyone
  • Adding contact information to your profile
  • Group discussions
  • LinkedIn events
  • Referrals and recommendations

03. Referrals

Considered to be the best way to generate leads, Referrals are a real business treat. In fact, nothing works better than the trust you gain by the word of mouth. Ask for referrals from your clients and customers and also provide referral discounts as a thank you.

04. Mobile-Friendly Website

With more users than ever turning to tablets and mobile devices for internet access, you need to ensure your website is mobile accessible. Responsive website design is a big must in today’s day and age and if your website is still only formatted for desktop devices; you can be doing more harm than good.

05. Online Enquiry Form

Considered a mandatory for all business websites, an online enquiry form allows customers to make direct contact with you in an instant. We recommend displaying your contact form on all popular pages throughout your website.

06. SEO & SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are among the most cost effective ways to generate leads. Most of the general public and businesses use Google to search for services. So having your business found in search engine results proves to be a great way to get leads.

07. Newsletter

If you’re looking to inform your clients and customers about upcoming events, specials on your products and services, consider setting up a Newsletter. Asking for newsletter subscriptions in your web pages can help build up your customer contact base.

08. Videos

Wanting to advertise your business through video? Create engaging videos that will go viral. Don’t make the mistake of creating a boring commercial. Develop a great idea into a promotional video that will engage your clients.


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