9 Landing Page Improvements To Increase Conversions

9 Landing Page Improvements To Increase Conversions

Boosting conversions seems simple, but for some people it can be quite the challenge.

Quite often we see new clients approach us asking what they can do to improve conversions through their landing page.

While each site is different, there is usually nine key features they all have in common that cause a low conversion rate.

We have listed these 9 points below and how you can improve.

01. Clouded Destination

Do the customers understand what’s in it for them?

To boost your conversions, explain how your product transforms your customers’ lives.

02. Unsuitable Paths

Don’t send your customers down confusing paths.

Write a landing page for one buyer persona only.

03. Too Many Options

Too much choice can paralyse your customers.

Remember to have one clear outcome – your conversion goal.

04. Hidden Content

Don’t hide important information.

Instead, use design cure to make important messages stand out.

05. Information Overload

Packing too much information into one paragraph can be overwhelming.

Break up long paragraphs into shorter ones and eliminate unnecessary text.

06. Confusing Content

The use of jargon, complicated words and unrelevant images can leave readers scratching their heads.

Remember to use appropriate images and write using a language your buyers can understand.

07. Trust Issues

Untrustworthiness is a conversion killer, making readers turn around and opt for your competition.

Boost your credibility with data, specific details, testimonials and of course, a professional design.

08. Distractions

Alternative destinations tempt readers away from becoming a converting customer.

Remove menus and irrelevant links to other website pages.

09. Load Speed

Web pages that load slowly frustrate readers.

Make sure your web pages load quickly to hold a reader’s attention.

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