Are you losing money by answering your phone?

Are you losing money by answering your phone?

Have you ever thought about what impression you’re giving to your customers or potential clients? Researchers found that major decisions are made about your company on first point of contact.

We are all guilty of answering the phone when we are in hurry and rushing the person on the other end or if you are working from home your amazing polite teen answers for you, is this really the first impression you want to leave, remember you never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

If you are a small business owner then you are well aware of having to wear many hats, however is wearing the hat of receptionist costing you more than you think.

There are real benefits to your company outsourcing your phone calls;

  • Never miss a phone call
  • All calls answered professionally
  • Messages sent through immediately
  • Eliminate the need to cover reception
  • Reporting on who called and when
  • Reduced number of company overheads
  • Portraying a professional image first time, every time

If you can find a service that is going to save you money while letting you make money why wouldn’t you outsource your phone calls.

OnePoint Connect is one of the many services that OnePoint Software Solutions can provide your company.  For more information talk to a OnePoint representative today.

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