PHP Development: Raw PHP vs Frameworks – Which Is Better?

PHP Development Brisbane - OnePoint Software Solutions 2016

It’s the topic developers have been discussing for years. Is it better to code my project in Raw PHP or use a popular PHP Framework?

While you may think it comes down to workflow preference, in most cases, the project goals and requirements are the deciding factor. Both custom / Raw PHP and PHP frameworks can be suitable choices.

One project may suit a framework while another may best be coded in Raw PHP. After lengthy discussions our developers have put the two side-by-side; see below!

PHP Development: Raw PHP vs PHP Frameworks

Advantages of Raw PHP Advantages of PHP Frameworks
Faster and more Flexible Less duplication of code
No framework library overheads Clear & detailed documentation
Not bound by rules or concepts Built-in libraries and helpers
Add as many or few 3rd party libraries Easy error handling
Code to your own standard Security and encryption
License it as you choose Pre-loaded with useful classes

Some of the most popular frameworks include Laravel, Yii, Cake and Nette, and while each has its own strength and weakness, their code is contributed by the best minds in the world and hence could be way superior to a custom made framework.

In the end, every project is different. The complexity and functionality plays a great deal in deciding whether a PHP framework is to be used. OnePoint Software Solutions specialise in custom PHP development for projects of all size and our Brisbane PHP developers have the knowlege and expertise to make your vision a reality.

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