Business Email Accounts: Self-Hosted vs Cloud Hosted

Business Email Accounts: Self-Hosted vs Cloud Hosted - OnePoint Solutions

Email Hosting Showdown: Which Option Is Right for Your Business?

Email hosting is an essential aspect of running a business, and choosing the right option can significantly impact your productivity and communication. With various email hosting solutions available, it can be overwhelming to decide which option is best suited for your business needs.

Two popular options are self-hosted emails on a CPanel / Plesk hosting account and cloud email solutions such as Google Workspace and Office 365. In this article, we will outline the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision.

Self-Hosted Email Accounts

Self-hosted email is a traditional email hosting solution that allows you to manage your emails using a hosting control panel like CPanel or Plesk. This option offers more control over your email infrastructure and allows you to customise your email addresses and domain name. You can choose your email server, configure your email clients, and create as many email accounts as your hosting plan allows.


  1. Cost-effective: Self-hosted email is generally more affordable compared to cloud email solutions. You only pay for your hosting plan, and you have complete control over your email infrastructure.
  2. Customisation: With self-hosted email, you have full control over your email addresses and domain name. You can create custom email addresses that match your brand and configure your email clients to your preference.
  3. Security: Self-hosted email allows you to manage your security measures, including spam filters, virus scanners, and firewalls.


  • Technical expertise: Self-hosted email requires technical expertise to set up and manage. You need to be familiar with hosting control panels, email servers, and other technical aspects.
  • Maintenance: You are responsible for maintaining your email infrastructure, which includes software updates, security patches, and backups.
  • Reliability: Self-hosted email relies on your hosting provider’s infrastructure, which may not be as reliable as cloud email solutions. Your emails may be more susceptible to downtime and disruptions.

Cloud Email Solutions

Cloud email solutions such as Google Workspace and Office 365 are increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. These solutions are hosted on the cloud, and you access them through a web-based interface or email client.


  1. Reliability: Cloud email solutions are known for their reliability and uptime. You can access your emails from anywhere with an internet connection, and your emails are stored securely on the cloud.
  2. Scalability: Cloud email solutions are scalable, meaning you can add or remove users as needed, depending on your business’s growth.
  3. Collaboration: Cloud email solutions offer collaboration tools like shared calendars, document editing, and video conferencing, which can enhance your team’s productivity.


  1. Cost: Cloud email solutions are generally more expensive than self-hosted email, especially for larger organizations with many users.
  2. Limited customisation: You may not have complete control over your email addresses and domain name. Your email address may include the provider’s name, and you may not be able to configure your email clients to your preference.
  3. Security: Cloud email solutions are vulnerable to security breaches, and you rely on the provider to manage your security measures.

Choosing the right email hosting solution is a critical decision for your business. Self-hosted email is a cost-effective option that offers more control and customization, but requires technical expertise and maintenance. Cloud email solutions are reliable, scalable, and offer collaboration tools, but are more expensive and have limited customization options. Ultimately, the choice depends on your business needs, budget, and technical expertise.

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