Case Study: Hydratorque


Hydratorque Brisbane is an Australian owned company with over 20 years experience in providing hydraulic sales, service, support and system engineering.

Hydratorque recently contacted OnePoint with the request to help with a malicious attack to their website. After an initial assessment, the attack was due to the vulnerabilities of running an old version of Joomla! content management system.

While we always encourage our clients to stay up to date with any core system updates, it appeared the damage had already been done with Hydratorque’s website; which resulted in Google flagging the website with a malicious attack warning.

After discussions with Hydratorque, it was agreed a complete re-build on a fresh and secure platform would be undertaken. Kate (Business Manager) asked to move away from Joomla! due to its non-intuitive interface and steep learning curve for new team members. WordPress was the chosen replacement CMS.

The first step of the rebuild was setting up a fresh install of WordPress, followed by the migration of all website pages and content. The clunky cataloguing module used in Joomla! has been replaced with an extensive document control library for WordPress, allowing all visitors to have access to the latest versions of product catalogues.

Once the content and site structure had been migrated, the design phase saw the custom template transformed into a responsive website with the integration of Bootstrap. The flexibility of WordPress has allowed us to effectively re-create the various custom fields and widgets previously available on the Joomla! platform.

The new custom WordPress site not only provides more control over search engine optimisation but the load time clocks in at an average of 0.9 seconds per page faster than the previous Joomla site. While 0.9 seconds might not seem much, a quicker site provides a better the user experience.

Once the site was launched, the last phase of the project included the integration of Google’s webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Once the site had been verified, a detailed malicious attack re-evaluation request was submitted and within 24 hours the new site was approved and indexed in Google’s Search results.

OnePoint not only reduced website load times, but re-launched a malicious-free website that’s viewable on desktop, tablet and smartphones. OnePoint strongly urge all our clients to keep their website’s content management systems up-to-date. This ensures you have the latest security measures to keep your site and data safe.

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