3 Ways Harnessing Video Can Boost E-Commerce Conversions


Over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the increasing use of video throughout your favourite online stores.

Videos give shoppers more confidence in what they’re buying, specifically that it’s legitimate, high-quality, and worth their money.

If we look at this recent report by worldwide IT giant Cisco, by 2020 IP video traffic is going to make up 82 per cent of all global consumer web traffic.

With the increasing demand for video, it stands to reason that all web designers will do better for their clients’ site conversions and user experiences if they incorporate more video into design.

Here’s our top 3 tips for using video to boost E-Commerce conversions.

1. Use explainer videos to tell a story

Explainer videos have proven to play a role in boosting conversion rates, no matter where they’ve been used. Generally these videos are no longer than one or two minutes and they give your customers an insight to what your brand is about or how to use a product or service.

2. Implement product videos to wow shoppers

Videos also allow customers to see exactly what they’re buying before parting with their cash. This is extremely vital in E-Commerce, as shoppers can’t examine the product for themselves, as they would in a brick-and-mortar store.

3. Add credibility with video testimonials

Not only are video testimonials more engaging than written testimonials, if you want to build legitimacy for your product; video is what you should be looking at.

Due to the sheer percentage of users who are consuming video on the Internet, incorporating video into your design appeals to the visual side of your customers.

With a generation that is becoming increasingly lazy, asborbing information through a video is more appealing than sifting through a piece of text for the same information.

That’s why video has been proven to work, and will continue to get more popular on the web in the near future.


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