Google’s Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Is Now Free!


Here at OnePoint, we love giveaways. We especially love giveaways when they come from Google!

In fact, this giveaway will have amateur and professional photograph enthusiasts grinning from ear to ear. Google has officially just made its Nik Collection photo editing software available for download completely free of charge.

The Nik Collection includes seven different (and very handy) desktop services that Google acquired back in 2012. The Nik Collection normally retails as a $149 bundle but the search engine giant has decided to give it away for free.

Free software is always welcome since it can help democratize photography tools, but the news has some fans worried that it may be a sign that these services will be discontinued soon. Google,

If you’re wanting to save spending your money on the likes of Photoshop and Lightroom, or are even wanting to expand your photo editing software, score yourself a free download of the Nik Collection online now here. Google’s Nik Collection can be used as stand-alone software applications and also integrates comfortably into Photoshop and Lightroom’s plugins.

Google's Nik Collection Features

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