Health Practice Websites: What To Include?


Any successful health practice needs a professional and easy to use website. In 2019, a strong website presence is essential for being found in Google and presenting your business in a positive light.

With an astounding 5% of all Google searches being health related, more clients are turning to their phones and computers to get health related answers online.

While each website’s design depends on personal taste, there is few basic things to consider to include in your website.

Finding the right balance

We often see practice websites with too much going on. Overwhelming the user with too much content and choices can have negative impacts.

When planning each page, it’s important to remember KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Use this to identify clutter and unnecessary areas that you can go without. Instead, focus on the most important areas of each page.

Just like other industries, a few key requirements which health practice websites should include are:

  • Fast load time
  • Easy to navigate
  • Display correctly on mobile devices
  • Clear, good quality images
  • Consistent branding across all pages
  • Optimised for user experience
  • Optimised for search engines

In addition to the items above, each health practice website should include:

Service Pages

Each specific service your practice offers should have its own page. Not only will this benefit your website’s search engine ranking but will help users quickly and easily access information. Service pages should provide a high quality image of the service, description of the service offered and team members who offer this service. A strong call-to-action (e.g. Book Online Now) button should also be present.

Contact Details

Clear and easy to identity contact information is paramount for not only health practices, but all websites in general.

Your website header should include at least a phone number, however if you can fit the practice address as well, then definitely add this in.

A dedicated contact page with various contact methods should be clearly displayed. Phone, Fax, Email, Location information and an online contact form are the industry standard in 2019. We also suggest intergrating a Google map to give users a visual representation of where your business is located.

If your health practice has multiple locations, you should provide contact details for each location.

Pricing / Fee’s

Potential clients want to know that they can afford your services before they make their first appointment. By including an indication of costs and available payment methods, you can address this concern. If your practice provides Medicare rebates or private health insurance cover it would be wise to include this information and the pricing involved.

Book Online

Giving users of your website the ability to book online can help convert prospective clients into paying clients. No need to call and to get appointment availability when you instantly see appointment availability and schedule a session online.

Booking systems such as Health Kit, Setmore and Power Diary all offer online booking facilities that can easily integrate with your website.

Team Members

Personalise your practice by sharing an overview of your practice team. Your team information should be easily accessible on your practice’s About Page if you haven’t added it to the homepage. Generally, your team section should include a photo, name of the team member, position, their area of expertise and available working hours. Also, don’t be afraid to include personal snippets of information too as this can help users feel more at ease with your team.

Referral Information

If your health practice handles referrals, your website should include a dedicated page with referral information. Remember to be clear and concise with the referral information and provide details on:

  • How clients can be referred
  • Specific treatments that you offer
  • Testimonials from referrers

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