How a Professionally Designed Website Can Improve Your Business

How a Professionally Designed Website Can Improve Your Business

Most small business owners will know how challenging it is to generate a decent cash flow on a daily basis; especially when first starting out.

One thing we can’t stress enough is how a professionally designed website can benefit your business. Investing in a well designed and functioning website can help alleviate cash flow problems and free up your time to focus on big-picture items that will take your business to the next level.

Below are a few pointers on how a professionally designed website can help increase traffic, promote your business and add money to your bottom line.

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

A website that looks old and bland will quickly become dismissed by visitors. We have seen a vast change of design elements over the last couple of years and it is one of the main reasons why many business sites look old, as a lot can happen in two years. Today, we see more and more sites with innovative designs, simple colour palettes and longer pages that contain pictures and video content.

These features go beyond providing visitors with information. They evoke emotion on the site’s visitors which, in turn, are more likely to link to share among other users and even contribute content to it. All these factors have been shown to have a positive impact on SEO, boosting page views and increasing awareness.

Mobile-Friendly Design

More people than ever use mobile devices to access the internet and so the importance of responsive website designs could not be stressed enough.

Website users have a notoriously short attention span and if they have any sort of difficulty navigating through your website via a mobile phone or tablet, they will quickly exit your site and move on.

A responsive website is not only about making sure your website looks nice on all devices, but provides an optimum experience for the device you are viewing it on.

Here at OnePoint, we no longer consider responsive designs as an option; it has become a necessity in order to be able to provide users with a fully optimized experience.

Understanding Your Website

Each website needs to have the proper structure in order to be noticed by search engines.

While it is imporant to have a visually appealing website to capture the attention of your visitors, search engines focus on content, not on what colour or layout your website has.

A website with quality, original and properly structured content is always preferred and most likely to generate traffic. If your website includes links, has regular content updates and a propely setup sitemap, search engine “bots” will have an easier time scanning your website, which can have significant benefits for your SEO ranking.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your business with a fresh, modern and unique website design, call us today on (07) 3444 0045 or contact us here.

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