Landing Page Development: Secret Customer Australia


Secret Customer Australia are a high class supplier of targeted mystery shopping and market research campaigns.

OnePoint recently had the opportunity to work closely with their marketing team to develop a responsive landing page to coincide with their digital marketing campaign.

The custom design was developed using the latest industry standards and utilises HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Zurb’s Foundation 6.

OnePoint have also worked closely to develop and implement split testing which has shown significant benefits.

From the project’s inception, right through to testing and launch, it was a pleasure working with Peter and the team at Secret Customer Australia and with reports of a high converting campaign, OnePoint couldn’t be happier!

Whether you’re looking to audit your business’ customer service skills, or you’re ready to start secret shopping, head to the new Secret Customer Australia website –

Speak to a team member today on (07) 3444 0045 or contact us via the online enquiry form.

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