Project Launch: Pro Powder Job Management System


OnePoint recently had the pleasure of working with Brisbane Powder Coating company Pro Powder on a cloud based job management system.

Replacing the original pen & paper job tracking, Pro Powder now operates on a cloud based system that allows complete job management, customer management and reporting; perfect for a scaling business.

Zoho Creator was used to develop the custom application which is utilised at all stages of the job cycle. From the blast and prep bays, through to coating, job packing and final inspection; Pro Powder staff can now instantly access their assigned jobs via their Apple iPads.

Each job stage uses an iPad which includes a real-time job queue. This allows staff to open each assigned job card and record the required data. Comprehensive rework procedures and outcomes handle the job workflow, dictating what job stage the project will progress to.

The Zoho Creator iOS app provides direct access to the custom Pro Powder application and automatic updates means staff will always be running on the latest and most stable version. Staff not only have the ability to view and record job data, but admin staff can also directly upload images of the job in progress via their dedicated iPad.

If you’re looking to integrate custom web applications that are affordable and reliable; contact OnePoint and let’s chat about how Zoho Creator can work for your business.





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