Shopify Unveils a Slick New Look For 2017


Millions of Shopify users will today login and notice that the eCommerce giant has dropped a huge makeover for 2017.

The slick new look is part of a broader effort to build the future of Shopify and supporting apps with one design mind, using the same set of guidelines.

Change can sometimes be hard, but Shopify have carefully designed the new interface to simplify your day-to-day eCommerce processes.

The new look brings consistency across products and collections, ehanced reporting and navigation and also makes content & menus more intuitive and reduces load times.

As of today, the improved design is live in every Shopify store. Here’s what to expect:

A United Look and Feel Across Shopify


The update aligns the design of all of the different previous experiences. Now, the mobile app and hardware store will have the same look and feel as Shopify Home, with icons and navigation consistent across the board.

The changes mean that your workflow is more predictable—however you’re interacting with your store, navigating it will become even more intuitive. Get more done, faster.

Updated Colors, Fonts, and Illustrations


While these design changes are meant to inject more personality and represent our diverse merchant base, they offer practical improvements as well. The new colors produce better contrast, and even small white text can be read clearly.

Improved User Profiles


As merchants needs become more complex, managing multiple stores and multiple employee accounts is more streamlined, they’ve made it easier to tell who’s logged in to what store.

The change to profiles gives you better visibility into your business operations so that you can worry less and spend more time doing what you do best.

Consistent 3rd-Party Apps


The App Store is packed with hundreds of tools to help merchants drive sales, manage customer service, and more, with the majority of apps created by 3rd-party Shopify Partners.

Shopify have rolled out Polaris to the app developer community. Going forward, all will build onto Shopify under the same design guidelines, driving towards an experience that is seamless and cohesive.

Stronger Emphasis on Search


Many of the new design decisions come from you, the merchants; and Shopify have listened. Search is an important function, especially as your store grows. The search has now been updated, giving it more prominence in your store—it’s right there at your fingertips, helping you find products, functions, and help topics more easily.

Shopify are constantly working to improve their system to simplify your workflow and help you run your business more efficiently. The new look and feel was designed with the user in mind and we sure do like it.


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