The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication

Written or verbal communication is a very powerful tool and is something that most people crave. Majority of us want to be heard and be responded to accordingly, but yet some businesses are failing in this area.

While organising my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary, I visited many websites looking for different products or services to make their party a special day, my experience left me a little shocked.

I came across many great products and services that all seemed to have a relatively good website or Facebook pages, some had phone numbers listed and majority had either a contact form or message page for me to fill in and fill in I did. What shocked me was how many did not respond to my enquiry and not to mention the ones I called and left messages with and never returned my call.

This got me thinking, in today’s business with so many competitors in the market place, how could a business big or small afford  not to reply to an enquiry, so I came up with two possibilities;

  1. Too busy to reply
  2. Don’t want my business

I could have been their next big sale and in return for their professional service I would then become a loyal customer and a promoter for their business, instead I was not impressed.

We all know how important first impressions are; OnePoint Connect can help make a good first impression by answering your phone calls with a local friendly professional receptionist, answer commonly asked questions and even take your bookings using your web based booking system or OnePoint Connect booking system.

So what are you waiting for, with plans starting from as little as $39.00 per month, OnePoint Connect can make a difference to your business?

OnePoint Connect is not just a phone answering service but an extension to your business that cares about your business.

Enquire Now at OnePoint Connect or call (07) 3444 0045 to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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