We Love AngularJS and You Should Too!


With an industry that’s growing astronomically, the resources for developers in 2017 is nothing short of impressive. With various frameworks and tools on offer for developers across the globe, there is one framework in particular that’s a strong favourite with our Brisbane developers.

Introducing AngularJS – the fastest growing and impressive structural framework for dynamic web apps. To put it simply, AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for applications. Some of the great features of AngularJS include:


Modular and Component-Driven

AngularJS allows us to write and organise our code into “modules” which makes for cleaner, more flexible codebases.

Two-Way Data Binding!

AngularJS saves developers so much time with it’s free, built-in two-way data binding. Basically, this means values in your view are tightly bound to the data source so that when a user interacts and updates a value, guess what, your model is updated too!

Reusable Code

AngularJS makes it incredibly easy to write and reuse code. So for our developers who are frequently interfacing with various API’s and similar functionality from project to project, this helps speed up development time.

The Power of Directives

Angular’s directives are a blessing and developers around the internet have fallen in love. Angular is all about separation of concerns and provides an extremely powerful design pattern for interfacing with the DOM (Document Object Model). All DOM manipulation should be performed in directives leaving controllers to business logic. Directives allow us to package up reusable chunks of DOM based code and initialize directly within HTML templates using data attributes and custom elements. Angular also comes with a heap of great directives built in that help speed up development.

Why we love AngularJS

  • AngularJS enables developers to write code according to business logic, and not based on a framework’s logic.
  • AngularJS is powerful for both single page apps and large programs
  • All modules can be easily re-used in a variety of environments
  • The extensive online community is growing rapidly and 3rd party modules are just a click away
  • AngularJS greatly improves the user experience by offloading data handling tasks to the background without interrupting the UI
  • AngularJS allows for extensive and thorough testing
  • AngularJS is backed by Google, so you can guarantee it will be around for a very long time
  • Angular’s structure divides each project into design and functionality; meaning both designers and developers can work simultaneously to deliver your project quicker.

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