What is Zoho Creator And How Can It Help Your Business?


Running day-to-day operations with outdated software can servery impact on the efficiency and productivity of your business.

What worked for your business at the start won’t as it grows. We often see Australian businesses looking to migrate away from Excel and Access Databases and Cloud solutions are 99.9% the best option when looking to future proof a solution.

While OnePoint can develop custom, bespoke software systems, not every customer needs a cloud system built from the ground up. Enter Zoho Creator.

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a cloud software to create custom applications. Zoho Creator is SAAS which provides a drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create custom business applications.

You can collect data, automate business processes or workflows, analyze the data in reports, and collaborate with your application users.

While its intuitive drag-and-drop features allow even non-developers to set up the interface, Zoho has included an extensive programming back-end to allow programmers to specifically outline complex workflows and action various processes.

Out of the box, Zoho Creator can:

  • Create complex forms
  • Generate reports
  • Create relationships between forms
  • Create pages
  • Add WorkFlow
  • Share your application with Users/Groups
  • Integrate with the Zoho suite (Sales & Marketing, Finance, Email & Collaboration)

Zoho Creator is a great solution that scale as your business grows. No matter the number of records in your application, it will not crash on you. Zoho systems are well tested for stress and you can catch your sleep without worrying about how your application will behave when accessed from different points at the same time.

When it comes to pricing, Zoho has competitively priced the Creator from as little as $13/month which gives you access to create 3 apps with 25,000 records. The most popular plan is $27/month which is beefed up version that has unlimited records and up to 50 Apps to create. The top plan is $47/month and it provides unlimited app creation, unlimited records. For more information head to the official website.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current business software, OnePoint is currently offering a discount on migrating from Excel and Access to Zoho Creator. Talk to a OnePoint team member today about how we can help. Give our Brisbane office a call on 07 3444 0045 or contact us online.



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