Why Web Apps Are The Way Of The Future

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The use of web apps is increasing exponentially around the globe. As our Brisbane app developers will tell you, web apps are being endorsed as the future of both desktop and smartphone applications and with technology only improving, things are set to get interesting over the next 24 months.

The launch of the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android) saw our world quickly become obsessed with the mobile revolution. Downloading games, streaming music and videos, sorting emails, organising work and more; apps were our saviour.

But the past two years has seen a dramatic shift in the development of mobile apps, with a movement that has seen native apps being dropped for web apps.

The average native mobile app weighs roughly 25MB, requires an internet connection to be used as intended, and issues several data-heavy updates during its lifetime. Web apps on the other hand, provide a version that contains all or most of the same features, at nearly 1/20th of the size.

All applications require an internet connection to work properly, because without the internet, you can’t download any applications. We use the internet to download applications and updates for them, and often to send and receive application-related data.

So if all our applications depend so heavily on the internet, why don’t we just keep them there? This is exactly what a web app does. A web app relies on the browser and its capabilities to render the application, whereas a native mobile app relies on the device and its capabilities to render the application.

With today’s responsive frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, Ionic, Kendo UI; accessing a web app has never been easier. Whether you’re in the office on your laptop or desktop computer, out in the field with a tablet or on the train with your smartphone, web app development now accommodates to all screen sizes.

OnePoint specialises in custom web app development for all industries with past works including online database systems, asset management systems, finance and project management, induction and e-learning applications, document control and even visitor management systems.

We’re not yet at the point where the web can fully replace all native applications, but we can build high-performing responsive web applications right now. With new web APIs and libraries getting released every day, web apps are starting to look more appealing over traditional native apps.

Speak to a OnePoint team member today and let’s chat about your vision and make it a reality!

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