Why your business needs a Cloud Based Visitor Management Software Solution

Why your business needs a Cloud Based Visitor Management Software Solution

Have you ever thought of what your Visitor Management System is saying about your business; a Visitor Management Software can portray to your visitors a professional business that takes the safety and security of their visitors and employees seriously and can make you stand out from your competitors.

By using a cloud based Visitor Management Software solution you will always have legible, secure visitor information that is easily reportable even if you have 1 to 100 different sites, authorised personal can see who is on site either by using a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone, this information is crucial if there is an emergency or site safety concern.

A cloud based Visitor Management Software solution offer benefits beyond safety and security; in addition it can improve:

  • Productivity by pre-registering visitors and notifying relevant personal of their arrival
  • Business image by providing a professional and efficient system
  • Visitor experience making your Visitor feel welcome
  • Setting you apart from your competitors

What impression is your Visitor Management System leaving with your visitors; answer the questions below to find out;

Is your Visitor Management Software:

  1. Forward thinking
  2. Exciting
  3. Professional
  4. Interactive
  5. User Friendly
  6. Offers an experience
  7. Customisable to your company
  8. Able to provide reports
  9. Notifies relevant people
  10. Accessible from PC, Tablet and Smartphone

If you answered no to any of the questions, then it is time to think about a new Visitor Management Software System. Talk to an OnePoint Software Solutions Consultant today for an exclusive offer. Exclusive offer will not last long and is only available to the first 10 enquiries.

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