5 ways to prepare your website for the new financial year


A central piece of your communications channel, your website is never really ‘done’. In fact, your website should be at the top of the list for your plans to hit the refresh button. So ask yourself, when was the last time you updated your website?

With the financial year coming to a close, a new financial year begins and comes stacked with new opportunities. Below we have outlined five key areas for you to review to help encourage new leads and potential sales. Don’t stress though, they won’t break the bank, or take too long either!

Ask yourself:

  • Does your website accurately reflect your current offering?
  • When was the last time you updated your website?
  • Are you proud to send people to your website?
  • Is your website still relevant and attractive?
  • If a new customer visits your site, will they want to do business or would they head to your competitors?

1. Reduce clutter

The biggest mistake business owners make is loading too many products or services into their website. The point of your website isn’t to overload the cusotmer with as many products or services as possible. Instead, look at what sells the best and what doesn’t sell. Then remove the products or services that aren’t selling. Declutter your website from stagnate products & services and replace with something that will generate sales / leads.

2. The need for speed

Have you ever checked your site speed? Load speeds have a real impact on your sales and traffic, especially for mobile devices. People quickly get impatient with pages or images that take a long time to load, and speed can also impact organic search ranking. While 80% of your load speed is factored by your web host, you can make minor implementations like script optimisation, caching and CDN integration to help speed things up. If your website is seriously slow, consider a new web host.

You can easily measure your site’s speed and performance using free tools like pingdom.com, GTmetrix and the tools within your Google Analytics account.

3. Keep it fresh

Over the financial year, you will likely have adjusted prices, added new products or completed new projects. Now is the time to reflect these on your website:

  • Make sure your home page has the latest news and highlights
  • Review the design elements and update if need be – fonts, colour scheme, buttons etc.
  • Update photos that are old or low quality, and add new ones
  • Create or update your logo so that it reflects your brand and professionalism
  • Remove outdated content and broken links – click through every page and clear out as you go

4. Update testimonials

With new projects completed, don’t forget to upload any new customer testimonials!

5. Add new products and services

With business constantly changing and clients requesting new products and services, look at the demand and try to prioritise the most requested products and services to focus on creating and add in to your website. Think outside the box, review what your competitors are offering and see what you can do, and how your can do better.

If you need a helping hand with maintaining your website on a regular basis, you might be interested in an affordable website maintenance plan. Our Brisbane website design experts have the knowledge to get your site up to scratch and ready to attract new leads and sales. Call us today on (07) 3444 0045 and chat to a team member today.

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