Case Study: Crisp Power & Control


Crisp Power and Control Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based electrical company which has over 30 years’ experience in the Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contracting Industry.

Crisp Power & Control recently contacted OnePoint with the request to re-developed their old website which was victim to a series of malicious attacks.

The team at Crisp were happy to keep their simple design with the addition of a some new modern design elements. OnePoint took the standard design and integrated a wider, fluid responsive layout, wrap-around card style design elements and dynamic widgets which respond to CSS3 media queries.

Overall the design conversion was a straight forward process, with the new template wrapped around the Bootstrap framework.

All content was migrated across into a fresh install of WordPress and appropriate security measures have been set in place to prevent malicious attacks unlike the previous content management system.

Just like our recent malicious attack recovery for Hydratorque, we launched the site and the final phase of the project was the integration of Google’s webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Once the site had been verified, a detailed malicious attack re-evaluation request was submitted and within 24 hours the new site was approved and indexed back in Google’s Search results.

OnePoint strongly urge every website owner to keep their website’s content management system up-to-date. This ensures you have the latest security measures to keep your site and data safe.

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